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150-unità-ditalia 150 user sign-ups nice guys and thanks for the support . I hope you feel at home and apart of this community . Any automotive problems that you may have with your vehicle start a trend in the forums and i will be more than happy to assist you , if i can’t im sure someone part of the community will be more than willing to assist with the exact same problem they had or are having … thanks again guys and welcome …

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Keeping an eye out for forum moderators , so if you think you got what it takes to keep a forum in check , just participate in discussions as normal , helping others out with problems they are facing with their vehicle is a plus 1 , keeping everyone updated on new car events happening in and around South Africa is another  plus 1 … and just showing you exist in the forum , all the new registrations , thanks guys and gals i am sure we can grow this site awesome and in the event get funded to host our very own car shows … near Future .